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SCE Downloads


Download & Use Mod Manager 2014 to Install or Update your current install of SCE.

Installation Instructions:

Using SCE2014 ModManager -
IMPORTANT: When starting SCE2014 ModManager Right Click and select Run As Administrator.

1) Download SCE2014 ModManager. We suggest to install a clean new version of ModManager.

2) Do not upgrade SCE 2013 to SCE 2014. Make sure you create a new install location for SCE 2014.

3) Click on the FullInstall tab and do a normal FullInstallation.

4) You will have the option to install from a Primary or Secondary server. You can cancel at anytime and select the other server. It will pickup where it left off.

5) Expect it to take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours depending on your connection speed and server load.

6) Once it's completed click on Start SCE and configure your graphics card. MAKE SURE YOU SELECT DX9 or the graphics will look very bad, as we are using custom shaders. If you see an error about MSVCRT_100.dll then you will need to click on the download link for vcredist_x86.exe and run it.

*) If you encounter an error in SCE2014 ModManager where it says " is in use by another process", quit out of SCE2014 ModManager and run it again. It will run quickly and not re-download SCE. This was a random bug that was fixed, but might happen again.

Using SCE2014FullInstall.exe
1) Download the file and run it. This is only for new installations and will not install properly over top of SCE2013.

Note: Your Anti-Virus may flag the download as unsafe since it is an exe file. Just run it anyway as it is a safe file. Also, you must have a valid purchased copy of rFactor to run SCE. A cracked version will crash to desktop.

SCE 2014 Full Installer without Mod Manager (Do not install to rFactor folder)

Mod Manager 2014 (Self Installer)

Mod Manager 2014 (.zip file)

MSVCRT_100.dll error Fix

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